What people are saying

“Courtney is one of the best developers I’ve worked with, hands-down.  She dove right into our project and was able to contribute her talents to our team immediately.  I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers and developers over the years, and Courtney really stands out.  Her attention to detail and proactive work style really maximized our project and enabled us to get even more done on our website on such a tight timeline.  As a project manager, I really appreciated that Courtney always kept me informed of her progress and even proactively found things she could help our other team members on in between deadlines.  Courtney fit into our team seamlessly and her dedication to our project was unwavering.  She is an excellent asset to have on your project and is great fun to work with….I can’t recommend her enough!”

Lisa Knapp, Interactive Project Manager at Room & Board

“How lucky are you if you get Courtney to work on a project of yours? She is a fantastic programmer, creative, detail-oriented, and extremely responsive. She’ll build a beautiful site but never at the expense of performance or marketing. I always breathe a sigh of relief if I know Courtney is involved.”

Nina Hale, Principal at Nina Hale Inc

“Arrowplane is a joy to work with. Courtney is detailed, professional, and dedicated to creating amazing, cost-effective development solutions. Plus, she appreciates design and understands its importance at every level of a project – a rare and much appreciated quality!”

Peter Robelia, Olive & Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Courtney for over five months.  Courtney is a very talented developer.  She was able to come up to speed and provide value within her first few hours in a complicated environment.  Her attention to detail on the design and code was incredible.   I never had to worry about the quality or consistency of her code.   It was a great feeling to know that Courtney always had my back.   She was able to cut through seemingly endless amounts of work with ease.    It was fantastic working with and learning from Courtney.   When the need arises, I have no question on who to turn to for help in the future.”

Matt Ruby, Enterprise Software Developer at Room & Board

“My company, Ciceron, hired Courtney as web developer right out of college, so I’ve known her for several years now. Over the years since she left Ciceron, I’ve hired her a couple times and she’s never let me down. Indeed, I’m so confident in Courtney that I often refer business her way when it’s outside of Ciceron’s sweet spot. Courtney’s a top-notch developer and one of the best at listening to a client and translating their needs into a successful web experience. And now that she’s been running her own successful business, well, that just lends more to her experience and expertise. Hire Courtney. I do and I will keep doing so.”

Kraig Larson, Founding Partner at Ciceron

“Courtney is incredibly dedicated, resourceful and passionate about the work she does. Whatever it takes to get it done, and get it done right, Courtney will take care of it.”

Julie Vollenweider, Senior Content Strategist at Brain Traffic

“Unlike a typical developer at an ad agency, Courtney took the time to understand the marketing objectives of a project, and was able to recommend and implement the most suitable technological solution. A creative person herself, she was a true partner for the designers and writers on the team.”

Katerina Martchouk, Associate Creative Director at Carat

“Courtney is one of a handful of developers I’ve worked with over the years who is able to think about Web development projects in left- and right-brain mode at the same time. She respects and embraces what designers do to bring products and services, brands and brand experiences to life on the Web. She understands the limitations as well as the power of Web technologies. She appreciates the necessity and value of helping companies achieve their business goals online. And she does all of these things while keeping end users’ needs, desires and expectations top-of-mind. Her work is always elegantly constructed and expertly coded, and, as a result, efficient and effective. On top of everything else, she’s a team player and a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Courtney, as much on the basis of her intellect and character as her skills and experience.”

Klay DeVries, Founder at Pilcrow Partners

“Courtney is one of the best interactive developers I have worked with in 10+ years. Her ability to write clean, fast and functional code is just the beginning. She is able to combine these tactical skills with a very creative approach to problem-solving. The end-goal is always top of mind for Courtney, and she knows how to put all the pieces in place to create the ultimate user experience. While doing a great job, Courtney is also very fun to work with and a truly wonderful person.”

Kristen Findley, Manager, Website Analytics at Ameriprise Financial

“Courtney is simply the most conscientious developer I have ever met. She is quick, creative and a great problem solver. Courtney has a strong grasp of usability and design– skills that are very rare in a technologist. I recommend Courtney Remes without reservation.”

Peter Quale, VP of Technical Search Marketing at Nina Hale Inc

“Courtney is a top notch developer with a ton of experience. She is an expert and thought leader in her field, and a pleasure to be around.”

Paul Saarinen, Digital Culture & Media Advisor at Bolin Marketing & Advertising

“Courtney and I were colleagues years ago at Ciceron, so I was thrilled when she accepted an offer to work with us at Room & Board on a very intensive website redesign project. With a mountain of development and a looming deadline, I honestly believe that without Courtney’s smart, expedient development, we would have been hard-pressed to hit our dates. She quickly won over the team with her genuine charm and wit, and her praises were sung loudly and frequently within the halls of our offices. Courtney is creative, competent and adept at finding solutions in complexity, without batting an eye. If you get a chance to work with her, you will not be disappointed.”

Jill Magaard, User Experience Architect and Interactive Strategist at Room & Board

“During my tenure as design director at Hunt Adkins, I recommended outsourcing development work to Courtney several times, and was always glad that I did. She was very committed to making our projects work the way they were supposed to, and made up for our in-house shortcomings time and time again. She also did a great job of communicating complexities in a straightforward way that even non-experts could understand. If given the opportunity, I would hire Courtney again without hesitation.”

Luke Oeth, Senior Designer at Martin Williams

“Courtney – easy to work with, great quality, and ‘get’s’ the big picture…what more can you ask for!”

Andrew Banas, Interactive Capability Manager at Allianz Life Insurance

“I worked with Courtney on the MIMA Board of Directors for 3 years. During that time, she consistently showed her leadership and follow through to help MIMA continue to grow to unprecedented heights. Courtney is a tireless worker and contributor to the projects we shared. Her understanding of the digital landscape comes through in her ideas and work.”

Joe Rueckert, Former MIMA Board Member